Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Mountain Trip

Bill and I had the grand idea to take the girls to see snow. We left our house around 12:00 pm to go to Lake Lure. We originally had a cabin reserved in Maggie Valley, but I got nervous about the snow and we cancelled that reservation. We (Bill) thought Lake Lure would be a safe drive. We stopped in Spartanburg to eat at Wade's and that's when the sleet began. I was driving and we went through so much snow that we were driving 5 mph some of the time. We didn't arrive at the cabin until around 7:00 pm (Lake Lure should have been a 2 hour drive). We couldn't even get up the drive-way because the snow was so bad. We had to WALK up to the cabin. Thirty minutes after we arrived the power went out. Luckily, we had a light in the cabin that allowed us to see in the den/kitchen. About two hours later, the battery in the light died and we were in the dark. We brought both mattresses from the bedrooms into the den and we all slept together. The temperature was probably 50 degrees by the morning. We still didn't have power in the morning, so we packed our stuff and left. We drove back through the snow and stopped at a gas station right before we got on the interstate. These pictures actually look like the kids were having fun. NOT! We were in the parking lot of an abandoned fast food restaurant and there were dumpsters beside us. We only stopped so that Presley could play in the snow for five minutes. Now, Presley has a completely different opinion of snow. No Thanks! Maybe next year we will go to the Bahamas...

Bayla's Birth

Papa and Bayla
Our Four Beautiful Girls
Our sweet baby girl
Daddy and Bayla
Bayla was our biggest baby. She weighed 8 pounds and 10 ounces. She was 20.5 inches long and absolutely perfect. We are so lucky to have four healthy children.

Getting a Christmas Tree

Emmerson wanted to have her picture taken alone.
Our decorated tree!!
Emmerson screamed everytime she opened an ornament. She was so excited!
We picked out our perfect tree in about 42 seconds!
On the hay ride to find the tree.


Presley had her first grade music program in November. She was Alphie Aphgan in the play. I had to google the Aphgan dog and it looked quite interesting. Presley was embarrassed because she was wearing BOYS thermal underwear as part of her costume. We were so proud of her during the performance!

Painting My Belly

We decided to decorate my belly about a week or two before Bayla was born. The girls had a great time painting my stomach. They ended up with just as much paint on their hands and faces as they did on my stomach!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Where Is MOO???

Emmerson was sick one day and I dropped Billie off at daycare, so that I could take Emmerson to the doctor. I looked in my mirror and this is what I saw!! When I asked Emmerson if she was okay, she said, "I sick". The poor baby was dehydrated and had fever of 105. We later found out that she had the flu. I hate when my babies are sick.

Happy Halloween from the Harbert Girls

My mama's mama made Emmerson her clown costume for the pageant Emmerson was in. She is in her 90's, so it took her awhile to make it. My mama decided to make Presley and Billie's costume, so that they could all be clowns for Halloween.